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Artist to Lennar: Gimme Back My Rocks

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An artist misses his big asbestos-filled rocks, and he's suing mega-developer Lennar to get them back. Uh... where should we start with this one? Down at Hunters Point Shipyard, Lennar is being sued for failing to properly contain asbestos dust while crushing Serpentinite, a type of rock that naturally contains the stuff. Meanwhile, in a completely separate case, artist Jack Hain is suing Lennar to have his asbestos rocks returned to his studio, which is also located in the shipyard. After previously getting permission from a foreman to take the rocks, he used them to create a post-apocalyptic art installation — which he's now accusing Lennar of destroying when they reclaimed their boulders. Five thousand dollars wasn't enough to placate the man. Says Hain: "All I want is my boulders back." Lennar? What do you have to say for yourself?
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