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Gavin: You'll Pry Tidal Power From My Cold, Dead Hands

Gavin's going ga-ga for tidal power— among all things green, as we all well know— and he's sworn that he's not gonna take no for an answer. In fact, after throwing his weight behind a financially suspect fantasy project to place tidal turbines beneath the Golden Gate Bridge, Gav went a little further yesterday while checking out a device that will measure the tidal energy potential at Ocean Beach. Don't even bother trying to get him to give it up this time: "I don't want to leave office — and I have to at a certain point — without having a pilot demonstration project actually in the water, generating electricity. I'm not leaving this particular office, even if it means running for Contra Costa supervisor, until this is done." Steady there, big guy...
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA