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Fun With Public Art: Cool Globes for a Not-so-Cool Crissy Fields

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Weekend warriors should expect to see 35 of these puppies lining Crissy Fields Promenade from now through October 12th as part of "Cool Globes: Hot Ideas for a Cooler Planet," some earth-loving initiative designed to depict "simple" solutions to global warming. Totally simple problem, people! We're a little unclear on the project— is each globe accompanied by an interpretive text telling the viewer what they, too, can do for the planet? Or are we supposed to use our imaginations here? Gavin & the Gang unveiled the atrocity public art project in a ceremony earlier in the day. Hey, all we know is that the project is sponsored by Toyota, OK? (Oh, and that they'll be auctioned off as per the cows, hearts, and other charity plop projects that tend to pop up around the country.) [Curbed Inbox]