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Flashback to LEED: Old Buildings Go Green

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In a preemptive act to Gavin's Greener Than Thou crackdown, some owners have decided to take it upon themselves to improve the city's building stock. Leading the way is 100 Pine Street, the first multi-tenant building in the state to receive the LEED-EB ("existing building") certification. How to LEED-ify an existing building? The owners of 100 Pine Street installed a more efficient HVAC system, low flow toilets, and light-control motion sensors— one of the building's leasing agents described the process as "the equivalent of converting a gas-guzzling SUV into a hybrid while driving 55 mph along the highway." Sounds much more impressive when described that way, no? Sure, environmental sensitivity has emerged as a bona fide real estate trend— and in San Francisco, a way to get a leg up on the market, too.
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