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Gav says "Plug it In"

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Quoth the Gavin: “Electric cars are going to flood the market in the next couple of years, with the Chevy Volt, Prius plug-ins, Teslas and others in the works" ... “We need to make sure that The City is ready to support these vehicles. ... We refuse to wait.” And yet, of course, going electric isn't so simple— despite Gavin's green dreams, San Francisco hardly has enough parking as-is, let alone private garages that would allow for overnight charging. "Brownouts" are also feared as a result of overloading the city's electricity grid. Forging ahead delusionally optimistically, as always, the city is looking into a so-called smart charge system that would implore citizens to charge their cars at night lest they face inflated bills during daytime hours. Utopia, now. [Examiner]