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What's the Matter with Dolores Park?

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[Dolores Park on an exceptionally crowded day; image courtesy thepartycow.]

A lot. A little. Nothing at all. So the neighbors remain divided over Dolores Park (Hipster Hill, Castro Beach, what have you). Some have had it with the noise, nudity— the nudity isn't that rampant, people— and literal shitshow of port-o-potties and overflowing garbage that plagues the area following each weekend's evening exodus. Others cite the city's lax attitude toward un-permitted events— un-permitted events! In San Francisco! — and the enormous crowds they tend to draw as one of the primary problems in the park. NIMBY parents are pissed because Little Junior's sliding board isn't waxed to a high enough sheen. And some neighbors hold Dolores Park as an example of San Francisco's diversity and tolerance, as denizens share space, smokes, paper-bagged bottles and curious cookies on any given weekend. Supervisor Bevan Duffy plans to hold a meeting of the minds with locals soon, and has promised to increase police patrols in the area. "We don't need the SWAT team," he said, "but we need people to know they will be held accountable." Damn it, Bevan— don't ruin the fun.
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