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Golden Gate Bridge Barrier: Back With a Vengeance

Last seen banished to some corner of San Francisco's idea purgatory, the Golden Gate Bridge suicide barriers have returned, stronger than ever. Well, relatively. Final results from the bridge district's online survey are back, and in a reversal of previous numbers, most people are now in favor of some sort of barrier. Here's what we mean by "most people": collectively, the five barrier designs in the survey garnered 50.13 percent of the vote, beating out "no barrier," which got 49.87 percent, by a hair. A really, really thin hair. How the tides have turned — only a week ago, 55 percent voted against the proposal. The favorite: Option "1A," a vertical 8-foot bars added to the outside handrail. (Close behind, a horizontal net.) The district's board will likely vote on a proposal in October or November, with a possible construction beginning a year from then. Change is nigh?!
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA