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Curbed National: Don't Fear The Reaper

And now, a look at what's happening elsewhere in the Curbed Nation.

1) The value engineering reaper again descends upon New York's future PATH Station at the World Trade Center, designed by celebrated Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. The newest dilution? Columns in the previously column-free main hall. Perhaps still in denial, Cal said (surely through gritted teeth), "the project retains all of its fundamental beauty." No, no it doesn't. [Curbed]
2) Currently under construction: new condo lofts in Los Angles offer 20 ft ceilings, a cool contemporary design, and a floating fireplace. Also, we live in the future. [Curbed LA]
3) Los Angeles buildings get space-invaded by French hipster artist in welding mask. Yep...just another day in the City of Angels. [Curbed LA]