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Riders Rejoice: Overhaul for Valencia

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Valencia Street, the heart of hipster-gentry Mission. We love you for it, and so does the city, apparently, at it has sanctioned a $6.1 million makeover for the street. (And not a moment too soon, we might add.) Expect to see wider sidewalks, removal of the center median, more outside seating in cafes, and larger parking lanes. According to a project manager in the Department of Public Works, the efforts are aimed to "greatly increase pedestrian comfort and safety of the corridor." Here's to hoping that a certain contingency adjusts its behavior accordingly— let's keep those new sidewalks free from the poo, kthanks. Business owners and bicyclists are thrilled, of course, while critics insist that the money would be better spent in neighborhoods that could use a little more help, like say, The Tenderloin. Construction begins next spring, and should wrap up within nine months or so.
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[image via The Great Streets Program]