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Preservationists Pile on More Presidio Dramz

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One more enemy for Donald Fisher's CAMP: The San Francisco Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board fired off a six-page missive to the Planning Department, expressing its "concerns" over the proposed museum. The board also claims that three of the four proposed development alternatives fly in the face of national preservation standards, calling the Presidio Trust's Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the project "inadequate." Only one proposition has invited "cautious" support, and it calls for the project to be hauled off the Main Post and plunked down in Chrissy Field.

One more drop of hot water: the Landmark Board is also miffed over the Trust's delay in issuing a second, mandated report that considers the project's negative effects on the land. Created by the Board of Supes to solve local beef with the project (read: to make neighbors feel like they have power) the Presidio Neighborhood Representative Work Group is studying the effects of traffic, transit, and parking on the project; the City Attorney will soon issue a report on all agencies' findings to the Presidio Trust. Anyone out there beginning to wonder if CAMP will actually see the light of day?
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