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A Home for CAMP: Neither Here, Nor There

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Donald Fisher will definitely build his new art museum in San Francisco, and almost surely in the Presdio. But where, exactly ? Face off! George Calys, the Examiner's Architecture & Design writer, dares to disagree with Chronicle urban design writer, John King, who thinks that CAMP should be relocated away from its current site on the Presidio's main parade ground. King has suggested (and the Presidio Trust agrees) that nearby Infantry Terrace is a better, if not optimum location. Calys disagrees, calling the alternate site an "unfavorable compromise" that "feels like putting a Tiffany's in the alley behind WalMart" and argues that the Main Parade is worthy location for an art collection "worth of the Gods." Bold words. A grudge match in the making, perhaps. Both critics do agree on one thing, though: a re-design is in order, even if it's only a small one. Back to it on the "stupid white boxes," Gluckman Mayner.
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