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State to Pot Club Owners: Watch Your Back

Striking fear into the hearts of so-called medical marijuana dispensary owners city-wide, no doubt, CA Attorney General Jerry Brown has declared (another) war on not-so-medicinal pot clubs ; following this week's raid of an establishment in Los Angeles by the CA Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement, Brown said he would "not be surprised" to see San Francisco fall under siege, too. A local proprietor predicts that at least ten of the city's 26 clubs will "not be with us within a year." In fact, many reportedly welcome Brown's crackdown as a means of separating the wheat from the chaff, so to say. San Francisco dispensaries were granted a stay of execution, as it were, when the Board of Supes voted to allow clubs until the presidential inauguration on January 21st to comply with city permit requirements. Gavin, as we know, has been tussling with the DEA since back in 2007, when property owners were being threatened for renting to clubs. Fire 'em up, people— it's showtime.
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