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Ask Curbed SF: Rent Now, or Later?

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In need of guidance, oh wayward one? Turn to the oracle that is the Ask Curbed SF inbox. We'll burden the masses with your problems, and they, our all-knowing readers, will command thee.

Dear Curbed SF: I have a question that I think your readers can help me with. My lease is up soon but I have an option to extend it to Jan 31. We're looking for 1 or 2 br in SoMa, Mission Bay, or North Beach. Some personal issues aside, should I wait or should I go? In other words, do I: 1) Stay put and wait till more of those condo towers come to market offering wider selection and lower prices. Desperate would-be flippers will be begging me to help pay off some of their mortgages 2) Go get what's available now. The market hasn't bottomed and all the people who would normally be buying their condos are sitting on the sidelines driving up the demand and prices for rentals.

And yes, that is Will Ferrell and his daughter Pearl in The Landlord. "You pay now, bitch." [Curbed Inbox]