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Outside Lands Clusterfuck Report

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The Outside Lands Music and Art Festival was indeed a clusterfuck. Were we expecting otherwise? MUNI service was a veritable nightmare by most accounts— 30, 40, 50, 60 minute waits, "asses and elbows everywhere," and maddening frustration abounded as empty N Judah trains rumbled by. Private cars and vans jacked their prices to an un-negotiable $40-plus for 20 blocks' worth of tread time. Near-stampedes through chain-link fences-cum-barriers, insanely long drink and bathroom lines, trash everywhere— mass pandemonium all around. oh, and Radiohead's performance cut out every 20 minutes or so, too. Transpo vigilante Akit collected the all-city account; visit his site for the details. [Akit's Complaint Department]