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Scooter Lovers to SF: "Public Transpo is so 1974"

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Motorcycle booster and commenter scurvy, on the recent Outside Lands c-fuck: "Get a motorcycle or scooter people. Public transit is so 1974." You called it, dude. With $4 gas squeezing their bank accounts, car commuters are giving up their four-wheelers in droves for public transit — but lots others are going the two-wheeled route too. (Wonder if the Muni FAILs have anything to do with it?) On a recent day in July, officials counted more bikes than other transpo going eastbound on rush-hour Market Street. Meanwhile, Bay Area scooter vendors are reporting doubles and triples in sales. They probably have the 100 mpg to thank, but scooter moms too — they're the ones giving up their SUVs and taking Vespas out for grocery shopping, perhaps forever ruining the curvy moped for the hipster crowd.
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