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Back to School: Cubix Condos on the Market

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766 Harrison Street has come a long way in the last year. Originally listed as a sort-of luxury SRO apartment building, all units are now officially on the market as condos. Cubix SF, as the building is now known, still represents something new in SoMa: The Microunit. Cubix condos range from 280 to 350 square feet, with unheard of prices starting at $275,000. Relatively speaking, that's incredibly affordable, but— and this is a big but— buyers will essentially be living in dorm rooms. Hip dorm rooms in a hip location, but dorm rooms nonetheless. The mastermind behind this project is George Hauser, whose architecture firm designed the building; development firm handles marketing and sales, and his construction company acted as general contractor for the project. But will there be a market for his unique brand of efficiency? Key word there is "brand" — brand it "European" or "Japanese;" go for "dense living." Hell, throw some green in the listingspeak. Whatever it takes, people.
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766 Harrison "Cubix"

, San Francisco, CA 94107