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Clusterfucked: Brace for Outside Lands Fest

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Does everyone have their $85-per-day pass? Great! All aboard the Muni batshitmobile to Golden Gate Park, where a bevy of concertgoers are already clogging the city's public transportation system en route to the clusterfuck that shall be this weekend's Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival. The Sunset, Richmond, and Panhandle districts are already up-in-arms over the three-day festival; whiners locals are peeved over the thousands of infidels that are spilling into the park at this very moment, disrupting the peace and tranquility of their bedroom communities. Citizen blogger/ transpo vigilante Akit has outed the MTA for its (predictable) lack of logistical know-how; every plane, train, and automobile has been rendered useless, apparently, by the likes of Radiohead and Beck. Bon weekend, everyone!
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UPDATE: Check out the updated survival guide posted by N Judah Chronicles.

[Madness on the #5 at Hyde and McAllister, like, 3 minutes ago. Image courtesy SF Citizen]