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Loitering for Dollars: Ingleside Protesters Want Jobs! Now!

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Driving down Ocean Avenue, you might have noticed the protesters outside the new Ingleside Library construction site. What do they want? Jobs. When do they want them? Now. Community organizers think city agencies should make it a point to set aside construction jobs for neighborhood residents. Sure, fine. The city does hire locals— those who meet requirements a little more stringent than standing in front of a paint shop for 3 hours. S.O.L. on the job skills front? Join up with CityBuild, a 12-week program that provides residents a crash-course in construction skills and hooks up its graduates with city-sponsored jobs. A lot of folks don't yet know about CityBuild— shockingly so, given the efficiency with which the city conducts its public programs. Some community meeting will soon be held somewhere in order to discuss how to get the word out. We want new libraries, San Francisco. And we want them without bloodshed.
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