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Fun with Irony: Missionites Hate on Gentrification, Hipsters

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Last week's shootout outside Farina has riled the commenters over at the Mission Mission blog. As tends to happen when Missionites pop off, the discussion turns to San Francisco's best all-purpose punching bag: gentrification. Here's a gem:

So you mean to say you PREFER shootings? you PREFER human feces all over the street? you PREFER crackwhores, and open air heroin markets? You say that’s keepin it real? I say bullshit. You’re lying if you say you do. You say you “like the grit” because you’re still living in Jr High and you need to be “cool”. Fuck that. Most hipsters i know - including a younger me - are (over)educated, have decent jobs and ascribe to a surprisingly mainstream set of goals.Someone's actually mentioned the elephant in the room. How gauche. See our new fave neighborhood blog for an extended discussion on Mission gentrification, including a brief foray into the recently approved Eastern Neighborhoods Plan.
· This Is Our Mission, You Lazy Self-Satisfied Babies [Mission Mission]