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Super Gay Castro Mural (still) Loved, Despised

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The mural at 19th and Noe— you know, the one our readers despise?— yeah, that one. Anyway, it has a name. Brace for it ... "A Celebration of Love". Haters, your mark! The Bay Area Reporter took a bit of a poll in the 'hood: Says one straight dude (because they're keeping tabs on your sex lives, people): "Murals are DEEPLY associated with urban decline ... Noe/Castro is not an area of urban decay." Quoth a neighborhood gay: "I think it's beautiful, and an asset to the neighborhood. One of the wonderful things about San Francisco is the rich collection of murals in the city, and I feel privileged to have one on my corner." According to Citywide Property Management, which has received hundreds of calls, emails, and petition signatures on the subject, some consider it "too gay, too Mexican, or more suited for the Mission," while others are "wildly enthusiastic" about the project. Ready yourselves, residents: the mural should be finished in just a day or two.
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[Image courtesy Jane Philomen Cleland via BAR]