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Architecture Watch: Shanghai's Supertower Skin Show

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China's building boom shows no sign of slowing down post-Olympics. Recently unveiled is a a new 632-meter-tall Shanghai tower designed by architecture firm Gensler. A double skin that encloses an interior "bioclimatic" atrium is the towers most notable feature; it twists around the building's core, a move that, according to the architects, "[reinforces] the impression of movement and dynamism that symbolizes Shanghai's success as a world city and the emergence of modern China." So there's that. While the overall design is quite elegant— if reminiscent of a Durex, but we'll let that slide— its grace is interrupted at street level with a clunky metal-plated entry. And while being green doesn't seem to be a high priority for the Shanghai supertower, Gensler will make a token pass at LEED certification. ETA: 2014.
· Gensler Design 632m Shanghai Super Tower [Skyscraper News via Architecture My Ninja Please]