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Crack for Culture: Museum Eyes Hibernia Bank

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Is there a future in sight for the crack den Hibernia Bank building at 1 Jones Street? Perhaps so: Earlier in the week, the executive director of the Bay Area Radio Museum, toured the building with city officials in hopes of transforming the site into a cultural arts center. The plan sounds a bit ambitious, if we do say: dance, art, and film making facilities, plus music, sports, and broadcasting museums are envisioned for the 38,310 square foot space which has been chopped into 16 separate rooms and 4 bathrooms. 1 Jones has languished on the market for years after a brief stint as the SFPD's Tenderloin Task Force from 1991-2000; last year, the city passed on the building as a possible home for its controversial Community Justice Center. As the Hibernia is listed in "as-is" condition (by a sketchball owner, nonetheless) the lucky buyer will have to scrounge up around $18 million to make the building safe and liveable. Asbestos, lead paint, seismic retrofitting— you name it. Shitshow here, people. Did we mention the $5.9 million price chop? 1 Jones Street was listed at 9.9 less than a month ago. New asking price: $4 million. Score! (Or not.)
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