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North Beach Opposes Library. No Kidding!

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The San Francisco Public Library has chosen the infamous "North Beach Triangle, the plot of land bounded by Columbus Avenue, Lombard Street, and Mason Street. Library. Yawn. Right? People, we're talking North Beach here— neighbors tend to be very protective of, well, everything. As one might expect then, choosing a site is quickly proving to be the most controversial stage of this project. The biggest complaint against the just-announced location seems to be the fact that building on the triangle would necessitate — gasp!— the permanent closure of Mason Street between Lombard and Columbus Avenue, a small strip of asphalt that local drivers apparently can't live without. Other opponents say the library is just too damn expensive and unnecessary. Local architecture firm Leddy Maytum Stacy will be designing both the the library and the renovation of the adjacent Joe DiMaggio Playground. Holding ...
· Library selects familiar site for new North Beach branch [Examiner]