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More Fun with Protests: Blogger Busts Infinity Rally

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Faithful correspondent Plug 1 of caught a little brouhaha outside of the Infinity's sales office earlier this morning. Here's the account:
So I'm out smoking my usual 10 am cig, and I hear a bunch of folks hoopin and hollerin down the block in front of the rental offices for the Infinity Towers on Folsom. As a lover of a good protest, I sidled up and asked the 1/2 dozen protesters what their message was. 4 of them immediately tossed their signs in the truck bed and got into the pickup. 1 of them took my picture and told me to leave the sidewalk. I took his picture back and he said i would be hearing from his lawyer within 10 days. thoroughly confused, I walked away scratching my head. They did tell me "we could finish what we started" (a challenge?!?!) at Rincon Tower before flipping me off and spitting loosely in my direction. I think it had something to do with Shamrock Moving Company, but am still unclear. Nothing worse than six misguided, unfocused individuals with bad attitudes and short attention spans.

The Infinity

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