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Presidio to Fisher: Move It Or Lose It

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Does Don Fisher have a Plan B ready for CAMP? After a report from the Presdio Trust found that the GAP founder's proposed museum would "diminish the integrity of the Main Parade's historic features," he might want to start considering an alternative site. Cue John King, Chron architecture critic-cum-ersatz planning czar. The problem: in the opinion of the Trust (according to its whopping 88-page report) the proposed glass box "disrupts the visual connections" along the parade ground, essentially turning it into "the front lawn of a 100,000 square foot building." (Such cheeky words from a federal organization!) The Trust's solution: Move the building one block south to Infantry Terrace. Readers may recall that King did, in fact, suggest the same a while back, claiming that the alternate site will preserve the historic austerity of the parade ground, and give the architects a new chance to get a little more creative with their design. "[It's] easy to imagine a low-lying museum that hugs the landscape while offering a close-up burst of contemporary cool," says King. On final kick to Fisher's cojones: several groups are threatening to file a lawsuit against the project, claiming that federal legislation prohibits the Presidio Trust's allocation of space for new construction. So in other words: CAMP is most definitely not in the bag.
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