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Architecture Watch: Olympic Village Scores LEED Gold

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Three cheers for international diplomacy! The U.S. has awarded China a LEED Gold award for its Olympic Village, which is greening the event one medal at a time with solar panels, green roofs, and an extensive rainwater recycling system. At the moment, 1,600 athletes are living in 42 residential buildings spread over 160-acres. Seven community centers, a health center, gyms, swimming pools, retail buildings and, a kindergarten (?!) also make up the site. Rooftop and ground green space keeps storm runoff to a minimum (60 percent of roofs are vegetated, while 90 percent of parking was built underground to allow for even *more* green space). Bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways— the trappings of green utopia: present and accounted for. Developers plan to convert the Olympic Village into residential condominiums by 2009, and a whopping 80 percent are already sold.
· A “Gold” for China: Olympic Village Receives LEED Award [Curbed SF]