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Curbed Explains: Eastern Nabes and "Light Industry"

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Lest we forget: much of the emphasis thus far on the Eastern Neighborhood Plan has been on the greater density of housing arising from the rezoning of some 2,200 acres. But the flip side of the plan has been to sandbag off a full half of the land in question for light industry. (Because industry is, as such policy suggests, super crucial to San Francisco.) But what the hell is light industry anyway (or as the planners call it, the slightly more unwieldy "production, distribution, and repair")? According to a Planning Department whitepaper — thrilling read, btw — production can range from leather goods manufacturing to printing and publishing, distribution involves wholesale anything, and repair covers auto shops and the like. Naturally, planners have run into trouble in certain gray areas like video production facilities — places that may have been lightly industrial once upon a time, but are more likely nowadays to be populated with geeks glued to Final Cut Pro. We say: save the geeks!
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