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Western SoMa: Yay for You!

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Well done, Western SoMa. Things are looking up after much hand-wringing over the viability of the neighborhood plan — Muni had decided to drop several Folsom bus lines, but did an about-face and decided an 11-Downtown Connector wouldn't be such a bad idea after all. Initially, concerns over low ridership had consigned Folsom transit to death watch, but with up to 10,000 new residential units set to rise along the corridor, that's all set to change now, isn't it? And to top it off, the Planning Commission is expected today to sign off on the Western SoMa Community Plan, which will pave the way for thousands of new units to rise along the nine-block stretch of Folsom between 13th and 4th streets.

The plan aims to "build on existing neighborhood patterns" by creating residential enclave districts — housing will be prohibited outside of these districts south of Harrison Street. Rather than blanketing Western SoMa with housing, the citizens task force has decided that the neighborhood is best served by enhancing the existing mix of uses — a mix that arose in the first place through what the report calls "benign neglect." All SoMa really needs is a little love, right?
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