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Down With CAMP?: "Adverse Effects" CONFIRMED

Last month, at the 700-strong public meeting about the proposed CAMP development, one commenter accused the Presidio Trust of behaving like a "fox in the hen house." The Trust heard her loud and clear, apparently — the release of their draft report today seems to have lost all trace of gung ho on two key aspects of the project: the Gluckman Mayner-designed big box museum and the lodge. A little cut and paste, shall we?: "Locating the contemporary museum at the bowling center site changes the historic design of the Main Parade ... and would result in an adverse effect" (i.e. the destruction or damage of property and the changing of the area's character).

According to the Chron, the trust will now have to work with "historic experts" to work out all the problems. Are anti-CAMPers rejoicing as we speak? Not so much: preservationists say the report still has "some Swiss cheese holes." The Trust will be taking comments through September 19 as the report gets hammered out. Don Fisher's on the edge of his seat, no doubt.
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