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UPDATE: All is Quiet on the Japantown Front

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Following last week's outpouring of community support after the developers at 1600 Webster Street threatened two Japantown mainstays, the Cherry Blossom Festival and Nihonmachi Street Fair, it appears as though the annual Nihonmachi fair went off without a hitch. The beef: In a series of not-so-passive-aggressive notes, representatives from 1600 Webster claimed both cultural events as public nuisances peddling "schlocky souvenirs" and "mediocre food stands." Both the developers and HOA Association threatened to take community reps to small claims court in order to pay for steam cleaning outside of their building; unfortunately, the fair committee can't afford to hire city crews, though it did pledge to dispatch its own team in order to leave the streets in decent shape. (Please note: San Francisco is a city, not a suburban enclave in Walnut Creek— city streets tend to be less-than-pristine, folks.) No reports of post-festival animosity. So let's keep it that way, kthanks.
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