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The Mirant Conundrum: Not Solved

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Though new light has been shed on San Francisco power plant shitshow, the situation isn't looking much brighter: Mirant wants to add smokestacks and natural gas-burning turbines to three generators in Potrero Hill— doing so, however, would create more pollution than a proposed city-owned plant. Not very Greener Than Thou at all. Or is it? At the outset, the city's Bayview plant would have run much more frequently to offset construction costs— enough to spew out double the pollutants of the Mirant plants. Ouch. (Adding irony to injury, the city once sued Mirant for running their operation too frequently.) The Board of Supervisors have conjured up another option: Let's re-wire the city! In June, the Board voted to forward this scheme— which would cancel out the need for new or retrofitted plants— to PG&E. The city would use ratepayer subsidies to fund such a venture— had the organization that assigns these subsidies received the proposal from the city, that is. Accident or Sabotage? Speculate away!
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