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"Third World Harbor" Upgrades to First

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"It's probably the worst harbor on the entire West Coast, and I'm including Mexico." That's how the president of the San Francisco Marina Harbor Association describes our city's west harbor. Paints a pretty clear picture, doesn't it? That's why after 10 years of deliberation, the city is finally trying to move forward with plans to renovate said "Third World harbor." For those of you concerned about the future of your yachts, the plan calls for demolition of most of the west harbor's berths before reconstructing them in a new layout that will eliminate most slips for boats 30 feet and under, and add several 30- to 50-foot slips for larger watercraft. The city will also dredge the harbor, construct two new breakwaters, upgrade water and electrical systems, and add new gangways. As for the East harbor, that will have to wait until the soil can be cleaned of toxins. The SF bureaucratic sideshow will begin when the Recreation and Park Department hold a public meeting on the issue some time in the next few weeks. If all goes smoothly, the $25.8 million project will be complete in 2011.
· S.F. set to redo western Marina yacht harbor [SF Gate]

[image via SF Parks & Recreation]