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City to the Displaced: Baby, Come Back!

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The Board of Supervisors Land Use Committee is expected to approve legislation today prioritizing affordable housing for descendants of people displaced from the Fillmore and Bayview. The move is meant to stem the loss of the city's African American population, which began during the redevelopment of the Fillmore in the 1960s and 70s, when residents of the area were given certificates to find housing elsewhere in the city, but for various reasons went elsewhere instead. While current policy already prioritizes displacees of the redevelopment, the new rules will give a boost to their descendants — and comes hot on the heels of a presentation by the city's African American Out-migration Task Force (we sure love our task forces!), which cited a lack of affordable housing as among the factors contributing to the city's black exodus. A rather un-stunning revelation — but that's what task forces are for, right?
· Supervisors Consider Housing Reparations to Stem African-American Displacement [Beyond Chron]