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Gold Start for Gavin: City Ponies Up for Parks

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This spring, the Trust for Public Land announced its corporate-backed plan to revitalize Hayes Valley Playground, Balboa Park and Boeddeker Park; the Trust endeavored to raise $4 million to match the funds shelled out by Banana Republic, Levi Strauss, PG&E, and other mega-Co.'s. With an August 31st deadline swiftly approaching and only $2 million in the bank, Gav & The Gang swooped in to save the day, offering to make up the difference with monies pulled from the city's capital fund— $1.55 million in 2008-09 and $1 million in 2009-10. Nabe groups are thrilled (for once!) as Hayes Valley anticipates a fully renovated rec center and less scary-looking fencing. Balboa Park hopes for a new baseball diamond and a water fountain or two; Hayes is up in 2009, Balboa in 2010, and Boeddeker in 2011.
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