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Condo Commissioner Draws Progs' Ire

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Much to the chagrin of many, Gavin re-appointed Michael Antonini to the Planning Commission— Antonini has drawn fire from some for his pro-development policies, which have called for adjusting the threshold of what constitutes a "low income" earner in the city, thus redefining what constitutes "affordable" housing. Now stand down a minute, people: This one's not in the bag yet. Antonini is embroiled in a little RE deal in SoMa that may, in fact, constitute quite the conflict of interest as city development goes; a quarter ownership in his son's condo may place him in violation of rule that prohibits officials from voting on projects situated adjacent to properties they own (such as the Eastern Neighborhood Plan). Antonini's appointment goes before the Supes tomorrow, and if Peskin, Daly and Co. have anything to do with it, we should expect a stall out. [SFBG]