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Mexican Museum Inspires Nascent NIMBYism

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Allow us (and the Chron) to reiterate: The Mexican Museum has found a new home at 706 Mission Street after thirteen years' worth of drama culminating in a shuttering that, at this point, has lasted for two years. The 35,000 to 40,000 square-foot space shall reside at the bottom of a 220-unit condominium project which, in turn, will stand atop the Mercantile Building; Enrique Norton and Glenn Rescalvo of Handel Architects are on board for the museum re-design (famed Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta drafted the initial design). Now, as we all know too well, a development proposal isn't legit here in San Francisco until somebody expresses "concern" about [insert issue here]. Aaaaand here we have it. Says a condo owner (and real estate lawyer) at none other than the St. Regis, as quoted in today's Chron article:

I'm concerned about the scale of the building, incredible amount of traffic on Third Street and shadows, just to name a few" ... Any time you have a public-private partnership and cultural and historical issues, that's a complicated real estate transaction. And so it begins...
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[Map courtesy the Chron's graphics geniuses]

Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA