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Eater Tastings: Dosa Wars, Fly Trap 2.0, and a Shill Trilogy

Flash back to the week-that-was with Eater SF.

[Fly Trap 2.0]

1) Ask Eater: "Uber mixologist" wonders where to open a bar in SF? Reader suggestions: Rincon Hill, Northern Fillmore/ Pac Heights ... anywhere closest to their own homes.
2) Shill Trilogy: Basso's, Fifth Floor, uWink. Fifth Floor takes the win.
3) Dosa Wars: Udupi Palace vs. Dosa on Valencia Street. Looks like Udupi is edging in for the win ...
4) Fly Trap 2.0: 102 years later, an overhaul for Fly Trap.
5) State of the Plate: SF Magazine weighs in: "we should open some casinos and call ourselves Las Vegas."