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Week in Review: Bitching About Building

SAN FRANCISCO—Rowdy week, all-city: The Planning Commission kicked it off with an announcement that the Central Subway project just might, in fact, collapse the Powell Street BART station. Well played. Peskin & Co. volleyed with a unanimous vote to propose the election of a Historic Planning Commission on the November Ballot.

SOMA—The city held its first community meeting on the Pelli Clarke Pelli-designed Transbay Terminal. Reader reviews were mixed, as always. St. Regis residents are already kvetching about the shadows that may be cast by the future Mexican Museum. Also: (Potential) rendering reveal for the Museum of Performance & Design, subsequent rumormongering with Diller, Scofidio, & Renfro.

TENDERLOIN—The former Hibernia Bank goes back on the market, ignites comment war over preservation. PRESIDIO— Same deal with the proposed suicide barriers on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Mexican Museum

706 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA