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Peskin Proposes Preservation Board, NIMBYs Rejoice

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Patron Supe of North Beach, Aaron Peskin, has penned a proposal that, when if passed, will appoint a new commission to oversee the historical preservation of San Francisco's buildings, landmarks, and anything else that's kinda old and/or might "interfere" with new development. Unlike most large cities in the United States, our Planning Commission also handles preservation in addition to regular development and land-use issues (we are in San Francisco, mind you— it's our bubble and we'll do as we please inside of it). Claws out, Marsha and Nancy: Under Peskin's plan, a new Landmarks Preservation Board will supersede the Planning Commission. Some fear (and justifiably so) that said board will have too much authority in instances where new development clashes with the old days. And we're not talking about a commemorative plaque or two— if Peskin gets what Peskin wants, his new puppet regime board could wield power over affordable housing, zoning discrepancies, and even— brace— building heights.
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