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Presidio Trust's Delay Incurs Preservationists' Wrath

Oops, they did it again! Not that it takes much to piss off the preservationists or anything, but the Presidio Trust has managed to ruffle the downy feathers of the California Office of Historic Preservation. Tattle tales from the Presidio Historical Association released a press statement today, announcing the COHP's "sharp" criticism of the Trust, which controls all of the real estate in the Presidio. This most recent issues stems from the Trust's failure to submit a given report— back in June, the agency was to release a draft environmental impact statement and an analysis of the potential effects of development; both are required by national law. EIS: issued on time, as planned. The latter, not yet— the Trust requested an extension, thus buying time and, according to the COHP and PHA, “denied the public the ability to appreciate the effects of the undertaking on historic properties...” Count down to public hearing: 6 days.
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