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Peskin Approved!: SF General Pinches Property Tax

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“I think we’re bringing something to voters that is not half-baked, but fully baked,” says the ever-eloquent Board of Supes President Aaron Peskin of the proposed $887.4 million bond measure that, if ratified, will provide for the retrofit and renovation of San Francisco General Hospital. (The plans for which, not-so-incidentally, include a new 442,000 square foot building and 284 acute-care and intensive-care beds.) As it stands, the plan shall burden homeowners with an extra $289 in property tax on a $500,000 home; the rate will be adjusted according to the value of one's property, obviously.

Up with building trends! Fong & Chan Architects aspire to build a LEED-certified building with rooftop garden and— thus far, at least— no helipad, lest those suffering cardiac arrest or pesky life-threatening injuries irritate the cochlea of nearby residents. The doctors among you have whined about the building's new design (residents will have to walk to a separate building in order to to snag their 6.2 minutes of sleep). Worry not, docs— the Planning Department has your back. They care not for your well-being, however, but rather the "historical integrity" of the site; more gridlock at the Highway 101 interchange with Potrero Avenue and Cesar Chavez Street is another pressing concern. On July 15th, the Supers will decide whether the measure makes the cut for the November election.
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