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Ding!: Round #23451 for City College's Chinatown Campus

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Jackson Square aficionados and a group called the Friends of the Colombo Building have a message for City College: assimilate — or else. The long-beleaguered four-story building included in CCSF's plan for their new Chinatown campus will cozy up alongside the historic Colombo Building in Jackson Square— unless local advocates have their way, that is. Some think the flashy modern stylings of CCSF won't go well at all with Colombo's traditional, demure personality. "No good at all!" they say with a frown of disapproval, instead suggesting that CCSF trade in its large windows for some sexy "methodical rows" of "deep-set" panes instead. CCSF designers say nay, claiming an even greater moral authority: "The building has a larger urban context and responsibility than Jackson Square." Yep, they totally went there. In fact, they say, bigger windows lead to "better, more pleasant environments that enhance learning" — and really, it's all about the learning. The final design goes to vote in two days — only then will we know the extent of CCSF's window shrinkage. Holding breath...
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[Ed note: Rendering swap out! The above is a more current version, courtesy EHDD|Barcelon & Jang Architects/Square One Productions and SF Gate]

City College: Main Campus

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