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Advocates Call Golden Gate Bridge a "Loaded Gun"

Well into its seventh decade, the debate rages over whether a suicide barrier should be erected on the Golden Gate Bridge, famed destination point for would-be jumpers since it first opened in 1937. While advocates from various anti-suicide groups lobby for such a barrier, NIMBY's preservationists' tireless battle to ensure the "architectural integrity" of the bridge (which holds a place on National Register of Historic Places) has thus far impeded any progress on that front. The proposed barriers— five designs are floating about at the moment— rise no higher than 12 feet, and two incorporate netting systems engineered to catch falling jumpers. (To confirm: if installed, any of the five will, in fact, alter the bridge's visual appearance.) Pragmatism has reared its ugly head, and the bottom line stands as such: The nets alone cost $25 million, while the railing schemes range in price from $40-50 million. Costs are expected to rise as the project remains stalled— a bridge district spokesperson recently claimed that "we have no money now", while a local psychiatrist likened the bridge to a loaded gun. A $2 million dollar study on the subject— not exactly corroborating the "we're broke" story there, if we do say— will be subject to public commentary until August 25th.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, CA