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New College Shuttering Sparks "Fucktup" Rumors

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"Bye bye N.C. Hello waaay expensive condos!!! Fucktup!" Spotted on the facade of the now-defunct New College, a Curbed op wonders whether this angst-fueled missive speaks to a greater truth. Will we see a condo development rise at 777 Valencia Street? According to public records, the Valencia Street property is privately owned. (Read: rockets to the moon on that asking price!) Of course, the school— or what's left of it, rather— will first have to worm its way out of outright destitution; driven into the ground by a real estate attorney-cum-college president (the irony!) the institute of "higher" learning was stripped of its accreditation back in February. Creditors are looming, as are former instructors, most of whom were kept in the dark by the administration— some ended up teaching pro bono until a few months back. You, too, can rumormonger! To the comments, or the Curbed Inbox.