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PETA Protest at Neiman Marcus Provokes... Nothing

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A reader caught the following while waving her Visa around in Union Square over this past weekend:

I've seen some lackluster protests in my day, but yesterday's PETA "march" outside of Neiman Marcus had to be the most pathetic demonstration I've yet seen here in San Francisco. One guy and one woman stood on the corner of Stockton, each carrying one of those signs covered with pictures of eviscerated animals. Nobody— and I mean, nobody— paid them any mind whatsoever. Both looked extraordinarily dejected. Not fond of fur coats? Fine. Want to subject yourself to Union Square foot traffic on a Sunday afternoon? Great. But if these people are so against the killing of animals, then why drape the damn street lamp with dead carcases? Hell, being slapped in the face by a Raccoon as I was simply trying to cross the damn street made me want to storm the store and buy up ever last damn piece of fur in the joint. Viva democracy! [Curbed Inbox]

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