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One Rincon Hill Begs Your Blind Faith

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Fourth of July weekend, luxury condominiums, views, fireworks... Such was the Joycean stream of consciousness that prompted some guileless seller (aided and abetted by their agent, surely) to post this particular shill for One Rincon Hill #2602. Given that it's Monday at all, we've elected to simply skim the text; we've grown bored of compulsive capitalization and phonetic spelling. What we cannot and will not accept, however, is the conspicuous absence of interior photographs in this listing. A couple of fluff shots of the bridge and fireworks— they've been banned, after all!— are not enough to warrant the dispatching of a Curbed operative, let alone an actual buyer. Step up your game, # 2602, and then come talk talk to us. Additional deets: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms; 1,309 square feet; $1,350,000 or $1,031 per.
· 425 1st Street #2602 [Redfin; $1,350,000]
· 425 1st Street #904 [MLS; $595,000]
· 425 1st Street # 1805 [MLS; $699,000]
· 425 1st Street #1606 [MLS; $1,232,000]
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One Rincon Hill

425 1st Street, San Francisco, CA 94105 Visit Website