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CurbedWire: Gavin Drops Plan for Seismic Safety

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Got a tip for the CurbedWire? Drop it like it's hot. CITY HALL—The word has come down from on high: Gavin just announced his plans for new legislation that will force the city to conjure up seismic retrofit guidelines for so-called "soft-story" or wood framed buildings— and to do so post haste— as part of a city-wide program aimed at improving seismic safety in the city. The Planning Commission also endeavors to both expedite the review process and waive permit fees for those who choose to voluntarily retrofit a soft-story building during the renovation. Here comes the best part, kids: In October, the city is planning to create a "wood-frame exercise scenario" as part of a citywide emergency drill. Just like summer camp all over again! As best we can tell, property owners are still expected to pay for the actual retrofit process, so let's not breathe a sigh of civic-minded relief quite yet. [CurbedWire]