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Architecture Watch: China's Honeycomb High-Rise

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Join us for Architecture Watch, wherein Curbed SF steps out into the blue yonder, collecting the best, worst, and wonkiest of projects. Nominate!

Another one for China ... Designed by Beijing-based architects MAD, the Sinosteel International Plaza in Tianjin, China, will stand as a landmark in the midst of a newly-created Tianjin Business district. About that facade— the hexigonal motif wasn't just an aesthetic decision: Windows of various sizes— five, to be exact— are arranged according to wind direction and the path of the sun, which will help passively regulate the temperature of the building. (Gehry, take note.) Even more importantly, the honeycomb facade serves as the structure of the building, opening up each floor plate for complete occupation or more flexible uses. Both tower and district are scheduled for completion in 2012.
· Sinosteel International Plaza by MAD [Dezeen]