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Gavin & Robin: Three Cheers for Wind Power!

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Following Mayor Gavin's executive decree to open the floodgates to wind power (pardon the imagery there), today's Examiner takes a gander at the state of turbines in our, as it turns out, not-so-windy city. Though wind turbine projects are being fast-tracked now, it seems few places in the city actually "harbor wind-energy potential." To head off a slew of dead turbines popping up everywhere, the city advises wind lovers to plunk down $150 for a wind "anemometer" first to measure wind potential. But... wait, what's this? At this pivotal moment in San Francisco's wind turbine history, who else should rear her head than Robin "complete bullshit" Wilson, of Sunset Idea House infamy? The green matron has apparently founded her own wind turbine company, and is a member of the city's urban wind-power task force. The plot thickens as we speak! Meanwhile, said task force is said to be mulling an offshore wind farm — just imagining the planning meetings for that one has our spines all a-tingle.
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