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San Francisco Forever: Supes Favor Historic Preservation Commission

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Yes, the Board of Supervisors did ban the sale of tobacco in pharmacies— that highly-controversial mandate passed at last night's board meeting. Hidden in plain sight at the very bottom of the Chron's report on the ban, however, is another gem: The Supes also elected (unanimously, at that) to place a measure on the November ballot that will create a Historic Preservation Commission. If voted into power— and judging by the city's track record, one might safely assume that it will be— the Commission will encrypt historical buildings, landmarks, and neighborhoods at will, "saving" all from harm (and repair). Commission members will be hand-picked by Mayor Newsom; Peskin was initially set to spearhead the effort, though with his recent election as head of SF's Democratic Committee, we wonder if he'll be able to serve on both. This is serious, folks: if the Historical Preservation Commission is, in fact, voted into place, its decisions will trump those of the Planning Commission which, unlike most cities— welcome to SF!— has authority over issues of preservation, too. So yes, if Peskin (or his replacement puppet master) have their druthers, the Commission won't only wield power over a couple of Vics and crumbling theater or twelve. Affordable housing, zoning discrepancies, building heights— all could fall under its jurisdiction. Serious business here, people.
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